Simple Calendar

  Simple Calendar A calendar for your Ruby on Rails app.   Simple Calendar is designed to do one thing really really well: render a calendar. It lets you render a calendar of any size. Maybe you want a day view, a 4 day agenda, a week view, a month view, or a 6 week calendar. You can do all of that with the new gem, just give it a range of dates to render. It doesn't depend on any ORM so you're free to use it with ActiveRecord, Mongoid, any other ORM, or pure Ruby objects. Thanks to all contributors for your wonderful help! Installation Just add this into your Gemfile followed by a bundle install: gem "simple_calendar" , "~> 2.4" If you're using Bootstrap, the calendar should already have a border and nice spacing for days. Optionally, you can include the default stylesheet for the calendar in your  app/assets/stylesheets/application.css  file: * = require simple_calendar or in your SCSS  app/assets/stylesheets/application.scss  file: @import "